Calirosa is a rosy new entrant to the crowded U.S. tequila market. Backed by some big names and one of Mexico’s leading tequila-making families, Calirosa is a colorful spin on an age-old favorite: traditional tequila that is finished in California red wine barrels to infuse the liquid with some special flavor and a distinct pink hue. Calirosa partnered with Kingsland to create a bold visual identity for this eye-catching spirit.


As a new brand with a pink liquid in what resembles a wine bottle, Calirosa can easily be mistaken for rosé both online at at POS. Beyond awareness and advocacy as goal, the brand needed to clearly communicate what this product actually IS—some of the best tequila around.


Kingsland worked closely with the Calirosa team to craft a product-centric approach that also could ground the brand in a distinct new visual and verbal communication strategy. This campaign focused around “100% Tequila” messaging while also continuing to establish a unique, high-fashion aesthetic for the brand, even for shooting product. The result was a product campaign with style, something unusual in the spirits category, that took over digital, OOH, and trade media channels for the brand.

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