Depop is one of the fastest-growing secondary markets in the world for vintage clothing and one-of-a-kind finds. But it also has become a bastion for the Gen-Z aesthetic, with one of the strongest communities of artists, creators, activists and designers around.

Challenge: Depop lacks awareness in the US as well as faces a slew of competitive platforms that offer a similar service to Depop but lack the brand’s personality, ethical perspective and youthful spirit.

Approach: For Depop, Kingsland has worked as a strategic partner for all things brand and marketing, especially in the US – the platform’s fastest-growing market. We focused on amping up sustainability messaging as a vintage-focused service, created talking points for C-Suite executives around the importance of Depop’s unique community and emphasized the entrepreneurial spirit implicit in the success of Depop’s top sellers.


  • Brand repositioning with a focus on Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Self-Expression as resonators for our largely (90%+) Gen-Z audience. It has been working, with app downloads increasing exponentially, expansion to markets like Australia and a total of over $100 Million raised through a $62M Series C.
  • C-Suite communications strategy for press and appearances including WWD, Business of Fashion, TechCrunch and The Guardian.
  • Depop Live – the brand’s first event in the US, with panels from Heron Preston, Internet Girl, Gully Guy Leo and more.
  • Texas Expansion Strategy including Megan Thee Stallion’s Depop shop launch.

Categories: Brand Strategy, Launch Strategy, Creative Strategy, Copywriting, Positioning, Corporate Leadership, Influencer, Culture

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