Health by Habit

Vitamins made simple and self-care made routine.

Health by Habit seeks to change the way people think about supplements and how they incorporate them into their daily lives. Designed to be simple, effective and accessible to all, the brand is a cult favorite in its native New Zealand, but needed to make a splash with their US launch. They enlisted Kingsland for a Gen-Z focused campaign that garnered real results.


Breaking into the US market for the first time, New Zealand-based Health by Habit needed to arrive with a clear message to establish a strong and memorable stateside presence. The world of vitamins and supplements is full of noise and one-size-fits-all solutions. Health by Habit wanted to go against that grain and make it about wellbeing through personal choices.Whatever you do, #DOITDAILY.


Make tangible the ideas behind a handful of the wellness products by linking individual talent to the particular benefits associated with each vitamin. Everyone knows what vitamins do – we wanted to express a physical iteration of how they make you feel. So, Kingsland collaborated with Health by Habit to identify the themes that would resonate with a US audience (energy, immunity, stress management), and to activate talent that could represent each value proposition. Working with influencers across industries and disciplines (James Whiteside, Plant Kween, Niamh Adkins and Achieng Agutu), Kingsland led a series of interviews to craft copy that was authentic, never sales-y. By using color-blocked sets and crafting talent-specific scripts, Kingsland emphasized personal empowerment over the received wisdom of a crowded field.

Vision Drives Value

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