A synbiotic backed by science. A brand backed by culture.

Brand: Seed is a revolutionary DTC synbiotic (pre and probiotics all in one package) that operates with a much larger mission than merely selling supplements.

Challenge: The $1 trillion “wellness” industry is almost completely unregulated. As a science-led brand, Seed needed to educate consumers about what is truly an effective probiotic and what isn’t. At the same time, brand salience and differentiation were key in the crowded market of health and supplements.

Approach: Integrate the brand into culture and “make science cool.” Kingsland worked closely with Seed on launch strategy, seeding and affiliate programming including the revolutionary Seed University initiative which onboarded partner influencers and curious customers alike;
“Citizen Science” experiments like the brand’s buzzy #giveashit campaign; and merch seeding and strategy including “SCIENCE” fanny packs and collegiate “Bacteria” sweatshirts that have since become covetable on the resale market.

We assisted in the creation of Seed University, a first-of-its-kind affiliate program that made influencers take a science course on Instagram and pass a test before they were accepted into the “class” of brand advocates.


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