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Kingsland leads creative development for Walmart InHome including holistic marketing campaigns, content production, copywriting and more.

Walmart’s Store No. 8 is the iconic brand’s innovation arm. Focused on the future of retail, Store No. 8 has given birth to Walmart+, a modern subscription program, and Walmart InHome while also working on Frictionless Checkout, Conversational Commerce, Last Mile Delivery, Next Gen Agriculture and more.

Walmart InHome is a premium service that delivers Walmart’s fresh groceries, household essentials, prescription medication and more directly into customers’ home or garage fridges. Store No. 8 approached Kingsland as a brand and creative partner for Walmart InHome, but our relationship quickly blossomed into creation of email and performance marketing assets, copywriting across the service, full-scale creative campaigns and brand growth strategy.

Challenge: With a Walmart within 10 miles of 90% of Americans, and an excellent curbside pickup program, it can be hard to convince customers to sign up for a delivery program via subscription, let alone one that goes directly into your home during a pandemic.

Approach: Kingsland staff works as in-housed members of the internal brand team. We helped to position Walmart InHome as “the modern milkman,” focusing on the human elements that connect customers. We have created 4 sets of branded content pieces for InHome, some of which have ran on broadcast television. Content is a big piece of the strategy for InHome, a service that does better when we “show” and nont “tell.” We also amped up “save time and money” messaging, which proved to be a successful strategy.

For the 2020 Holiday Season, we created a spot focused on InHome customer “Kris K,” who also may or may not moonlight as Santa. He’s got a lot on his plate as he preps for Christmas Eve, but InHome has his groceries, returns and household essentials covered. When Kris returns from his biggest night of the year, he finally realizes that “presents under the tree” feeling for himself, coming home to a fully-stocked garage. 

For the Spring of 2021, Kingsland created a series of three “associate focus” ads that ran on digital platforms and broadcast television. We went to Kansas City and Vero Beach, FL (during the COVID-19 pandemic nonetheless) to safely shoot three sets of local real life Walmart InHome customers and their favorite associates who bring the magic of the service to life. The campaign was also utilized for the launch of InHome in a particularly important market for Walmart – Northwest Arkansas.

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